Project 3

Spring Hill Suites Marriott in Sugarland, TX

Project  10

New construction of a 120 room Wyndham Garden Hotel in College Station, TX

Project 7

New construction of a Convenience Store, Burger King and 19,000 SF Retail in Conroe, TX

Project 5

Reclaiming over 70 acres of land to develop a New Naval Base for the US 5th Fleet and the Qatari Navy including
15 Warehouses and 8 supplemental equipment facilities 

Project 4

Convenience Store and Exxon Branded Fuel System with a 20,000 SF Retail in Richmond, TX

Project 6

New construction of a 16km expressway from Doha City to Lusail Development. The Expressway has 4 lanes per side including 4 over passes.

Project  11

New construction of a 80 room Fairfield Inn Marriott in Richmond, TX

Project 2

Stand alone Dairy Queen on a 1.5 acre lot in Cypress, TX

Project 1

New construction of Convenience Store, Exxon Branded Fuel Systems, Wendy's QSR, Dairy Queen QSR and Retail on a 3 acre lot in Houston, TX

Project 8

New construction of a 30,000 SF Retail in Katy, TX

Project  9

New construction of a 10,000 SF Daycare in Katy, TX